Sunday, September 25, 2011

shopping weekend

all i can say is wow.

the singer 4210 was making me crazy an i was done.

found a computerized brother 6820 on craigslist for cheep and jumped on it

i have never used an electronic or computer controlled machine before. damn i was missing allot.
this thing doesn't even have to use the foot pedal. there is a nifty start button that can be hit by your thumb as you hold fabric. 3 speed settings to slow it way down and 50 nice stitched (I've already found my hem of choice for swimwear

i know it won't do heavy work but for light fabrics and projects i am in heaven.

did some project shopping at joanns . the husband picked up some fabric for some cargo shorts, gym shorts and some fleece pajama pants.
i picked up some fabric for the Male Pattern Boldness boxer sew along

finally got a cutting mat and some other goodies