Wednesday, June 18, 2014

over due update and some pix of work

I've been sewing like a madman for the last few months.

i've also picked up two new machines and purged the rest

loving my janome MC9900. it is a good computerized machine and embroidery machine.
still haven't done any real embroidery work.

janome coverpro 1000cpx 3 needle cover stitch machine. i've made about 10 suits with it and continue to get better. (thanks craigslist)

and my brother 1034 serger.

i purged the industrial straight sticth and blind hem machine to reclaim space in the room.

and now my projects

I made these for a groovy party at camp for the 6 of us hosting a big party
i took my pattern for a square cut i always use and scaled it up and down.
turned out pretty good. made a pair in what i consider S (32") M(34") L(36" starting pattern) and L (38") i also made a pair of XXL shorts for my husband that are more like basketball shirts

I made some rainbow striped suits to sell at camp. fliped the oriantation to make them unique since the pool is a small place to see someone with the same suit.

2 swim briefs and 2 square cuts 34-36" waist
serger and coverstitch construction. normal serger thraed in the needles and wooly nylon in the loopers

another project i made to wear for a charity event/bear run I host and plan with my husband  we hold. we raise $3002 for a local homeless org for LGBT youth in atlanta lost-n-found. and my company will double it and raised 1500 2 weeks later at a memorial day party we hosted. crazy

ok back to the suit. a friend found me 1/3 a yard of this vintage 80's spandex at a thriststore. oh so slippery

made these odd ones to toss in the consignment pile

i like em but don't love em.


so my question.

i've been playing with tumblr  and twitter @boothillbespoke for this blog and even posted a bit.
does anyone still use blogs via blogger? did i miss the boat?