Wednesday, June 18, 2014

over due update and some pix of work

I've been sewing like a madman for the last few months.

i've also picked up two new machines and purged the rest

loving my janome MC9900. it is a good computerized machine and embroidery machine.
still haven't done any real embroidery work.

janome coverpro 1000cpx 3 needle cover stitch machine. i've made about 10 suits with it and continue to get better. (thanks craigslist)

and my brother 1034 serger.

i purged the industrial straight sticth and blind hem machine to reclaim space in the room.

and now my projects

I made these for a groovy party at camp for the 6 of us hosting a big party
i took my pattern for a square cut i always use and scaled it up and down.
turned out pretty good. made a pair in what i consider S (32") M(34") L(36" starting pattern) and L (38") i also made a pair of XXL shorts for my husband that are more like basketball shirts

I made some rainbow striped suits to sell at camp. fliped the oriantation to make them unique since the pool is a small place to see someone with the same suit.

2 swim briefs and 2 square cuts 34-36" waist
serger and coverstitch construction. normal serger thraed in the needles and wooly nylon in the loopers

another project i made to wear for a charity event/bear run I host and plan with my husband  we hold. we raise $3002 for a local homeless org for LGBT youth in atlanta lost-n-found. and my company will double it and raised 1500 2 weeks later at a memorial day party we hosted. crazy

ok back to the suit. a friend found me 1/3 a yard of this vintage 80's spandex at a thriststore. oh so slippery

made these odd ones to toss in the consignment pile

i like em but don't love em.


so my question.

i've been playing with tumblr  and twitter @boothillbespoke for this blog and even posted a bit.
does anyone still use blogs via blogger? did i miss the boat?

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

and now for your moment of Zen.

I will let you in on why i called this 'y kant men sew'

total joke on a horrific late 80's band with a promising young singer
y kant tori read fronted someone named Tori Amos

that is all

quilting you say

Started working on my first quilt. 
Tons of old work shirts. Many record moments in the sites I have worked at. 
Figure I'lll make 4x6' panels and donate them to work for more decoration.

Tonight's lessons 
press it everything a few times. this was Not a corner to cut. 
Remember your outside seam allowance. Looks like this will get a boarder.

really want to get the gayglers panel  done before ATL pride so I can include the 4 shirts over the last 6 years

This was from the Moncks Corner, SC grand opening. Had a fun few years up there building the sites 

and a shot of my messy sewing room

Saturday, August 24, 2013

sewing room overhaul

Dear reader (the one of you)

I recently was able to pickup 2 industrial machines from a friend

a singer 251-1 straigh stitch machine and a singer blind stitch machine

the 251-1 is somewhat limited. it does lightweight fabric with a max width of 3/8"
the blindsticth was thrown in,

I figure they are a good start to start learning industrial machines skills

this required more space so the 41 x 91" confrence / cutting table had to go.

natualrly i took the opertunity to make the cutting the table i always wanted
1 sheet of 3/4" MDF
3 9x9 cubbies
4 locking casters

its 4 square feet of bliss at a great standing height

mock up of the table

mounted 4 casters in the corners

mounted the cabinets to the base

another view

the top is mounted and its rolled to its normal place

in the end i'm happy with it and can't wait to break it in

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Tis the season

Ah reader. Yes the one of you
The weather is changing
Time to think about summer wear
Bathing suits, shorts and shirts
Now to pick my first project.


i think some gym style shorts will go first. something comfy not too baggy but not skintight
something to wear around the house or pool

think some color blocking will be this project. mixing some material i bought a few months ago into shapes

should be entertaining using these patterns as a starting point

Sunday, September 25, 2011

shopping weekend

all i can say is wow.

the singer 4210 was making me crazy an i was done.

found a computerized brother 6820 on craigslist for cheep and jumped on it

i have never used an electronic or computer controlled machine before. damn i was missing allot.
this thing doesn't even have to use the foot pedal. there is a nifty start button that can be hit by your thumb as you hold fabric. 3 speed settings to slow it way down and 50 nice stitched (I've already found my hem of choice for swimwear

i know it won't do heavy work but for light fabrics and projects i am in heaven.

did some project shopping at joanns . the husband picked up some fabric for some cargo shorts, gym shorts and some fleece pajama pants.
i picked up some fabric for the Male Pattern Boldness boxer sew along

finally got a cutting mat and some other goodies

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

more shorts

decided to make another pair of the crazy trunks about 10:30 tonight.
This time for my stout husband.

took my pattern and added a inch to the edges and mucked with the pattern.
cut it and stitched the shape together in about 2 hours.
had to make some pouch adjustments to work with the pattern upsizing, but i think the larger size will work.

todo: do a fitting to mark the waist
hem wiast with elastic or drawstring, hem and roll the leg holes.

woot was quick and looks like it'll be good
tried a new method for getting the pattern to line up better. wasted more fabric but i'm please with the results.