Saturday, August 24, 2013

sewing room overhaul

Dear reader (the one of you)

I recently was able to pickup 2 industrial machines from a friend

a singer 251-1 straigh stitch machine and a singer blind stitch machine

the 251-1 is somewhat limited. it does lightweight fabric with a max width of 3/8"
the blindsticth was thrown in,

I figure they are a good start to start learning industrial machines skills

this required more space so the 41 x 91" confrence / cutting table had to go.

natualrly i took the opertunity to make the cutting the table i always wanted
1 sheet of 3/4" MDF
3 9x9 cubbies
4 locking casters

its 4 square feet of bliss at a great standing height

mock up of the table

mounted 4 casters in the corners

mounted the cabinets to the base

another view

the top is mounted and its rolled to its normal place

in the end i'm happy with it and can't wait to break it in