Sunday, March 6, 2011

Friends, Queens, Fun Housewives, Lend me your eyes

Ok its a nifty kick off post I'll do bio, influences, and what i think this will be

I'm Clarence a mid 30's married gay male. I was taught to sew by my mother and grandmother but forgot it all. I have serger, cheepo chinese singer, and my grandmothers <3 singer featherweight <3 (thats heart in geek)

  • I tend to get drawn into projects i can't complete 
  • I love unconventional modifications of clothes and everyday item. 
  • At my heart i am cheep. i will spent $30 on a project to save $10 if i don't believe the value is there from the manufacture. 
  • I have clasic ADD and i work for a major internet company.
  • i LOVE to work with my hands. the focus and thought gives me calm in a otherwise chaotic maelstrom of thought and desires
  • I suck. no really i do. i don't make straight seams. often my stitching is disjointed and something crazy.
  • I will never do this in volume or professorially.
  • I prefer the art school project look vs the finished profesionaly. I think it adds charm.
  • I hate conformity of modern clothes, homes, and culture. I think my desire to have something unique drives this sewing.
  • steampunk: its kinda a make believe Victorian modern thing. think jules vern. I don't cosplay but i love the fashion and ideas from the artists and participants.
  • malepatternboldness: Peter inspires me daily to take the plunge on projects i know will fail but learn anyway. and he's sassy
  • goth industrial: somewhat the music and style I fell near growing up. problem is I love my life now. still like the darkness and edge of the fashion and art still.
  • punk: don't like the music or whining. do love the fashion and reuse of clothing.
  • Drag queens: I don't do drag or wear womens clothing to look like a woman. (i will buy a womans shirt, jacket or rainboots and such if i like them) i love the innovation that comes from being broke and having to shove a 250# man in a size 2. the camp is always fantastic and give me ideas for techniques and sometimes clothes
WTF is this
  • progress and pictures: i will post what i;m working on and how it looks as i go
  • place holder for ideas
  • archive for crazy things i see
A few pictures of the lair. This is a 'family room' in the basement unused except when i have a project

my sewing table.
 the cutting and drafting table
 the make this all go awaye storage
 my husbands singer (i hate this thing) Singer Inspiration 4210 Sewing Machine
 the serger which is slowly becoming my friend Brother 1034D 3/4 Lay-In Thread Serger

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