Thursday, August 18, 2011

a diversion

I have had one hell of a frustrating time getting the right angles right (hah) 
so after remarking it 3x i decided i needed a break.

I decided to make my first box shorts.
quick and dirty with lazy seams and no frills.
I whipped it so fast i cut my waistband off and had to make a creative belt to make it work.
will wear this at the GayOA campground this weekend and probably make another better version for me and my husband.

now this fabric. can you believe it was only $2 a yard. i snatched up 5.5 yards just to have on hand
its a poly stretch that was more annoying the spandex
pattern was some old sport boxerbriefs

 the after. we will ignore the lazy added waistband questionable work.

and the pose

what can i say dear reader. they are slopy yet cute. will be wearing them to the pool this weekend.
was a fun project and i look forward to remaking these with time and care

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