Monday, August 15, 2011

xkilt marks the spot

Oh dear reader what is it about a man in a kilt.

the raw masculinity or just the hot legs who knows. In the end i just want one.
Years ago i bought a Utilikilt at folsom Street fair. wore it for the day while i was working with the bootblacks.
It didn't fit right. In the end I gave it to my ex who wore it better. I should have  learned that nice clothes don't fit me well.
To the present
I have been thinking about a kilt or three for years. some time ago i stumbled on the plans for a contemporary kilt on X Marks the Scott. This Xkilt is made with box pleats and requires about 3.5 yards of duck cloth/cotton/poly twill/ etc.

picked a green drabish duckcloth. not as heavy as i'd like but a good first try.
did something i never do on a project. washed it on hot, dried it on hot, and *gasp* ironed the fabric
well the rapture did not happen from these somewhat professional methods.

spread it out on my work table and started marking and doing the math,
arrrggg! i missed the under-apron measurement in my marking so i will have to start the marking again tomorrow.

I picked chalk pencil today that is my best friend. it reminds me of the old pre-mechanical drafting pencils

working to have this complete this week. assuming that i don't get distracted with another bathing suit

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